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My AlS ice bucket challenge

Got on the band wagon for 11.11

Got on the band wagon for 11.11



This quiz guesses your age based on your answers and it guessed I was fifty-fucking-four.

29 lmfao… it’s only 2 and a half years ahead of me lmfao XD

Lol apparently I’m 34, 10 years off XD 

Got me almost on the dot. Said 29. Amd I am turning 29 in December lol.




"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"



Literally just Tot

Jo G Du

What the hell

D O H Oo

Woah lol


lines an shade commissions for nekki over @682!

original sketches by ryou@81!

wahaha these took a bit but they were fun. i wanna steal away all of them. owo

Want to shade my Ryou sketches?

The rain here in scarborough.


aaay anyone have any cute oldline melos up for breeding? i have like 6 plbcs and no idea what i wanna breed lmao

looking for:

  • posechanges
  • hairmelos
  • yoolee lines
  • ryou lines
  • youko lines
  • soulwings lines

so if you have any, let me know? ouo my id is 51347 if you wanna PM!

You can check my lair. #363. May not have ones on those lines, but I do have a few.

I kinda grew out of my Tiger Lantern customs and I kinda need GP, so I am selling 20 of them


Lord of the Rings Cover! Brand new version with lush violin parts!! please let me know what y’all think! Reblog and tag me so I can follow you and thank you!!